It's Been A Crazy 12 months!


It's been a crazy 12 months right?  

I am sat here at the office right now, just pondering over what has happened in the last 12 months and how the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel is slowly getting brighter.  We have all endured so much time alone, social distancing and never ending wonder of when we can finally shop in Primark for those much needed underwear garment! You know it's true!  Knickers, Boxers and Socks have lived the lockdowns just the same as the rest of us lol;-)

But one thing has helped me personally get through the last 12 months just as much as our aromas have helped you through the bad times.  The strength and positivity has oozed from The Little Wax Box Co and it's your emails, Instagram Messages and Facebook Interactions that have helped keep my mind and Robs hands occupied.  We have been flat out at the unit whilst coping with staff shortages and large daily influxes of orders and we have LOVED IT!

Never, Ever will you hear us complain about the workload here at the HQ.  We have a lovely family of customers who we now call friends.  You keep us busy, you are understanding if there's an extra day on shipping your order and most of all, you are there for us when it counts most and for this we say "Thank You!"  Thank you for being you and thank you for supporting us and our family

We still have lots of big plans for the business and we're happy with the progression we are making with The Little Wax Box Co.  We are currently working on bringing Sample Sized goodies to the website as well as "Wax Box Bundles" which will contain our most popular scents all inside one box and available as a one time purchase - with a great price of course.

We are also in the midst of a supplier price increase from around the globe.  But as per our usual standards we are adapting to the change and will hold off any product price increases for as long as possible.

The most predominant increase is from the fragrance houses we use to source our blends of high quality aromas.  This is due to raw ingredient price increases from their suppliers so of course this all waterfalls right down to the bottom of the chain which is the manufacturers.

We will always be upfront with any changes but within the current figures we shouldn't be affected until around June 2021 when we re-look at the costings of the business.  One things for sure, Rob will work his magic to  keep our prices and products the best in the market like he has already achieved with our shipping prices!  He's a mini numbers god at heart ;-)

Anyway, I am rambling now but what I really wanted to say was a massive Thank You to each and every one of you for the absolute beast of a home fragrance company you are helping to shape for the future

Lots of Love

Rhea xxx

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