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May Wax Box update

May Wax Box update

Hello and happy blooming Friday everyone!

Thank you for celebrating our massive 2 year milestone on the 30th of April, it was such an emotional day and one that we will never forget.  Our first Birthday was overshadowed by the start of a global pandemic and who would have known that we would still be in the midst's of it all come our 2nd Birthday!

The light is coming and soon we will all be with family and friends again, just like the old days ;-)

Right, so what's been happening here with the small business you have all helped grow from the very roots to the blossoming wax box HQ that stands here today? 

Firstly lets get the bit out the way that has been worrying me for the last few months - prices!  We are currently going through some changes and these include supplier increases of up to 22% across the board on our raw materials, this twinned with the fact we had to register for VAT last November means inevitable that we need to increase our prices slightly.

As you all know, we run our business openly and never hide any details from you all, at the end of the day you are the ones who have given us the successful business we run today so this will always be the case.

Our prices will be increasing from £3.00 to £3.50 for our unique wax bars and this will be in effect from June the 1st 2021.  This will however give us the room to create more deals for you all and bring in the sample section of the website which will be a huge move for us all.

The monthly subscription price will not be affected by these increases and instead we will streamline the box to include mainly wax melts with a surprise on months when the theme will allow us to.

We would like to thank you all for your amazing support and for your understanding that the price increase will just bring us back in line with the market increases

On to the good stuff:

We will be introducing a 6 for 5 Friday from the 4th of June which will run as a trial every Friday for a month

Bundles are coming to the website from this weekend - 2 to launch with and then more being added

Sample Boxes - we are currently making lots of smaple boxes in our old logo trays and these will be on sale for £10 each to sell them through and should be ready by June the 1st

Single Samples - These will available from the end of May and we have already made 55 full sizes bars into sample sizes which will be prices at £1.75 Each

For now that's all the updates I have for you all to do with The Little Wax Box Co and I honestly hope we all continue to grow together as a business 

Lots of love & melty hugs 

Rhea xxxx


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