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Creating our fragrances for your home

Creating our fragrances for your home

Hello Wax Box Family!  Its been a while hasn't it?

We've been so busy behind the scenes trying to recover the business from what has been an extremely tough time for everyone here in the UK.  We really do hope all of our Wax Box family are coping ok and if not then please do reach out for someone to talk to, we always have an ear to bend but so will your close friends and family.

As a little pick me up for now, we have an update to share on some new projects we've been working on over here on the South Coast of England.  We have been designing some brand new wax melt fragrances for your homes.  These are exclusive to us and have been created especially for our wax melt blend, although testing is still ongoing, first signs are that the fragrances will pass the tests we have in place to ensure a top quality product for you to purchase.

There are fragrances of Garden inspired moments, spritz of grapefruits and shavings of Lemongrass to get those senses tingling.

Once we are ready to revel all an email will be sent out to you all listing all the notes involved and which products will be included in the launch.  It's been a long time coming but i can tell you one thing, they are Wax Box Scents through and through!

I wish you all the best and send lots of melty hugs

Rhea, Rob and all the girls here at The Little Wax Box Co HQ xxxxx


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