2020, What a Year!


Well hello!  I have finally found some time to sit and write our end of year blog and what a year it has been!  

I feel like we stepped on a roller coaster in March this year and we literally haven't been able to get off.  It has been one the most intense, exciting, nail biting rides of our lives and we have loved every moment of the experience.  With the huge support from all of you within The Little Wax Box Co community we have achieved some massive goals this year, we have tripled in size in terms of our turnover, we have taken on a much bigger fragrance studio, the instagram account has grown considerably, we have introduced just under 40 new scents, basically we are now sitting at where we hoped to be in around 2022!

We are now processing on average 750 orders per month and this doesn't include the last 2 months which have been absolutely mind blowing, now that is amazing, you are amazing and we thank you for every bit of support that you send out way including the huge amount of word of mouth you share with your friends and family.

2021 will see some small changes to the way our business operates as we are only a small team with myself (Rhea), Rob and our amazingly talented pourer Laura.  We work between us to complete everything in the HQ each week and next year will be a test of strength as we grow our business some more.  Rob will be moving away from the productive side of the business as has so much workload on a daily basis as he updates the labels, website, packaging supplies, fragrance supplies, phone calls and emails, he is just under so much pressure so we have found a way to reduce this slightly so he isn't as stressed BUT running a small business is just as stressful as it is enjoyable but this is what we thrive off!  It keeps us going and it keeps us on our toes.

January will the month of planning the year out and hopefully it will be more on track for 2021 as like i said above, 2020 was like a non stop roller coaster so the planner ended up in the drawer never to be seen again. So watch this space, follow us on instagram and send us a message if you want a chat!

All the girls are doing well and little Lexi is growing like a trooper, she is drinking lots of milk, weaning lots of food and generally just in sleep, eat, grow mode!

oh and before I go, 2021 is our 3rd Birthday!  So roll on April when hopefully we can have some kind of celebration to kick off the 3rd Birthday Party xx

Here's to the New Year 2021

Lots of melty hugs 

Rhea xxxx


  • Leeann

    Love this so much but remember without all your hard work none of this would be possible so give yourself the credit you all deserve! Can’t wait for 2021! Xxx

  • Zita

    Congratulations you have grown so much. And I only started to follow you this year. You popped up on my Instagram. And that was it, you got me hooked. And I live in Barry South Wales 😊. I love that you are a family business. So lovely to hear your stories/updates.
    Well good luck in 2021 with your business. And a Happy New Year 2021 to you and your family 🥂🍾 xx
    Ps I also got my daughter Zoe hooked too 🥰x

  • Kim Ireland

    Wow want can I say ware have them 3 years ghone that when I discovered the little wax box co and I haven’t looked back my stash off melts prove that I absolutely love rob and rea they are so kind and down to earth people and they all ways reply to emails or a questions I have and they wax melts are amazing I will never leave this company to go any ware else for my melts even when hubby says kim you have enough 😀 I will never have enough melts I love 💘 you guys so much and I can’t wait to see what happens in2021 well done to both off uou you are amazing ❤ bring it on lotes off love kim and again well done 🥰😍😍

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