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White Pumpkin Oil Burner

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A Halloween decor burner fit for any home this haunting season.  

The perfect addition to any home that likes to be subtle in the decoration department when Halloween comes around

This burners dimensions are smaller than our usual burners, so we do recommend that it is used with our fragrance oils (see directions below), for 2 hours as a wax burner or as a decor piece only.

Dimensions: 10 × 10 × 10.2 cm

Directions for use:

The pumpkin lid must be removed when in use as it has no holes for the heat diffuse

With Oils - Add water up to just under the top of dish, add 8-10 drops of fragrance oil, light tea light and allow water to heat diffusing the aroma.  Do let water run dry.

With Wax - Place 1/2 - 1 segment of wax in the dish of the pumpkin burner, light a tea light and allow wax to melt, due to the size of the pumpkin, the wax will melt at a higher temp meaning the fragrance will disappear a lot quicker than usual - please bare this in mind and extinguish the flame after 2 hours, this will give a gorgeous scent boost to your home which will linger for hours after.

As a display burner - Simply display in your home with a tea light inside to give a warm glowing effect

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