There finally here!  The most asked for item for the last 6 months and we finally found the perfect small business to make them for us!  These have had the designs hand made by the amazing Steph of Personalised by Lux, you can find her on Instagram @personalised_by_lux

These storage baskets will hold 32 of The Little Wax Box Co wax melt bars, keeping them neat and tidy but most importantly making it so much more fun to flick through the aromas and choose which aroma you want to burn that night

Will your OCD take over with an arrangement of alphabetically ordered wax melts or will you group together the fruity ones, perfume dupes, clean and fresh etc

The only thing we recommend is hiding the basket so the partner doesn't accuse you of having to many wax melts!  Erm, didn't someone once say " You can never have to many wax melts?" True story that ;-)

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