Take some time to relax your Mind, Body & Soul with The Little Wax Box Co’s Spa Retreat Box of wax melts

With 6 Relaxing Aromas to suit every kind of mood!  Imagine after a long day, running a nice hot bath, filling it with bubbles and selecting your favourite bath bomb to indulge your skin.  Then selecting a beautiful hand poured heart shaped wax melt to pop in the burner 30 mins before you enter the bath of course!  Then just sit there and soak for an hour or two, pure relaxation in a box!

You will receive 12 melts with 9+ hours of melting aroma locked inside each heart, that's 108+ hours of beautiful relaxation inside this luxury gift box hand chosen especially for you 💕💕

All our luxury wax melt boxes are hand poured, hand packed and hand built right here at The Little Wax Box Co HQ

Inside the box you receive 12 Heart Shaped Melts - 2 x of each of the below aromas

Relaxing Embrace, Aqua Minerals & Sea Kelp, Lemon & Lavender, Time to Unwind, Coconut Waterfalls & Coconut and Lemongrass

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