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Fresh Linen Room Spray

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Make your home feel linen fresh aroma of our Fresh Linen Room Spray.  Watch as the fragrance mist creates a towel blowing in the wind outdoor feeling inside!

A refreshingly clean scent with strong notes of powder and musk, just like a fresh load of washing blowing in the breeze


1. Shake well before each use 

2. Spray mist into the centre of your room, on soft furnishings and curtains  

3. Enjoy the ambience as the aroma diffuses around your home

CAUTION: Please spot test on soft furnishings in case product stains


Size - 150ml

Ingredients - Our Room Sprays contain 0% Alcohol - Instead we use a ratio of water and a cosmetic grade oil base to create a stunning mist of aroma for your home


Disclaimer: We are in no way affiliated with the designer fragrance companies. Our products simply smell similar to the original

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