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Best Sellers Wax Melt Bundle

  • £15.00
  • £21.00


Get all 6 of our Best Selling wax melt fragrances inside one bundle!  No searching for your favourite or wondering "What if?" these are our 6 top tried and tested aromas, as chosen by our customers!

The Perfect Wax Melt Gift for you or your bestie!

Inside your box you will find 6 full sized wax melts in 6 highly scented wax bars - to good to melt?  We think not!

What's in the box - Snow Pixie Dreams Wax Melt, Alien Wax Melt, Baby Powder Wax Melt, Spring Awakens Wax Melt, Fresh Stoppable Wax Melt and a Kreed Wax Melt 

Which wax melt will be hitting your burner first?