We have made some March Box Scent Shot Samples of all 4 bars featured in the March Sub Box and you can purchase them as a set whilst stocks last!

Tea Tree & MintA Cool and stimulating sweet peppermint and spearmint infused with tea tree oil, refreshing and relaxing

Sweet Honey & HyggeA warm sparkling spicy aroma that begins with notes of bergamot, lime and orange with sweet honey. The heart is a blend of cinnamon, nutmeg and coumarin along with warm woods and florals with aroma ending with amber, patchouli, musk and vanilla

The OrangeryA fresh mouthwatering mandarin scent that is twisted by hints of grapefruit, orange and lychee with cool zesty notes of Sicilian lemon, key lime and green leaf.

Snap Dragon & PatchouliA sumptuous woody floral aroma with notes of apple, coconut and bergamot leading to a heart of soft spice, jasmine, snapdragon, powdery rose, gardenia and lily with a base of musk, patchouli and woods

The Little Wax Box Co Scent Shots can be cut into 2 pieces each to make the melting last longer - Each Scent Shot weighs 28g approx


Disclaimer: We are in no way affiliated with the designer fragrance company. Our products simply smell similar to the high end designer perfume

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