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Our Story

Back in September 2018 we decided to go on a journey, a journey to create a small brand centred around one thing - High quality, hand poured, soy wax melts

Right at the very start, I was told "You will never be able to make a highly scented wax melt using Soy Wax".  Well guess what?  We did!  

We spent months testing, blending and creating hybrid base waxes until we found the perfect base for our highly scented, long lasting wax melts, The Little Wax Box Co was born and we had no idea what we had opened the door to.

After hand selecting and creating our launch wax bars, we started creating our social media platforms - letting the world know that we were coming and we had some amazing home fragrance products, that's all we had to do right? Wrong!

We then spent the next 2 years working our socks off, hand making our products, managing our social media, constantly improving our website and having fun!  Yes, running a business amongst all the stress, navigation and hard work is fun, if it wasn't then we 100% wouldn't still be here working for you.  We LOVE it!

During those 2 years we have moved 3 times, we started off in our kitchen, moved to small business centre where we had a start up unit and then a medium unit until we finally settled at a lovely converted barn called Crouchmans Yard.  It is the most stunning countryside setting and lunchtime walks are a dream when the sun is shining across the broad open fields

We started off as a husband and wife team which has seen us grow into a team of 6!  All working away 6 days a week to make sure we keep our products to the highest standards and constantly evolving

In our wonderful team we have:

Myself - Rhea - Head of the product creation and manufacturing side of the business, my favourite scent is Black Pomegranate.  Most of my time is spent filling and decanting our huge wax melting machines and ensuring that the right amount of products are being poured throughout the week

Rob - The well trained husband who manages technical from Customer Service, Website, Product Planning (Box Designs etc), Supply Stock Checks, Quality Control and everything in between

Laura - The mini blender, she is only 5ft but packs a punch behind the wax melter!  Laura spends all her time blending our wax melts and periodically spends time packaging up your orders

Lauren - Our stunningly talented Friend, Customer & Photographer!  Lauren creates the most beautiful photos of our wax melts and they fill our inbox a few times each month.  She is the backbone of our eye catching website images and we would be lost without her

Deb - The lady who can do anything!  Deb is a multi tasking queen, one minute she will be labelling, then blending wax melts before moving over to stocking the racking, we were so lucky to have found Deb as she is local as well!

Amelia - The creative one!  Amelia can turn her hand to anything and is like a little jet engine!  She spends time in the unit doing a multitude of tasks and will hopefully one day be apart of our creative design side of the business.  In her own time Amelia runs her own business getting creative with her Cricut machine and sweet treats!

Thank you for reading a bit about us all and we hope you find your perfect scent match with The Little Wax Box Co, we wouldn't be here without all of you ladies and gents supporting us, so a MASSIVE Thank You from us to you xxx