Our new collection of touch sensitive aroma lamps are going to take your wax meting to another level! 

With the beautiful Leaf of Light design to compliment the aroma you are melting, these are simply beautiful.  Your wax is melted via the halogen bulb that sits directly beneath the removable melting dish.

Pop your chosen segment of wax into the dish and then simply touch the base of the lamp 1, 2 or 3 times to choose your level of brightness and heat.  That's right, 3 light/heat settings to personalise your intensity of aroma released into your home

These lamps can be used with a 23w, 35w or 40w Halogen Bulb.  

2 x Bulbs are included


Warning: Our aroma lamps get hot to the touch when in use, please use your aroma lamp for 3 hours at a time and allow to cool after use.  Keep out of reach of children and pets.  

When changing or touching the halogen bulb, please make sure you use a cloth and do not touch the bulb directly with your skin as the natural oils from your fingers can shorten the life of your halogen bulb 

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