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What is a wax melt?

What is a wax melt?

What is a wax melt?

A wax melt is very similar to a candle, but without the wick!  It is created from either a Soy or Paraffin Wax (We use a house blend of Soy Wax here at The Little Wax Box Co) and is blended with a variety of scents and then poured into a mould which can range from small Hearts all the way up to full size snap bars such as the ones we make.

Once the wax and fragrance have been blended at the correct temperatures and poured into the mould, the wax has to be left to regain its original form of hardness and the wax left to cure for a few weeks so the scent can penetrate completely through the minerals of the wax.

Once the wax is ready for melting, you can take the heart melt or a chunk of the snap bar and place it into the well of a wax burner or electric wax warmer.  Light the candle underneath or switch the warmer on and wait for the wax to melt.  As the wax melts and heats up, it will start to release the fragrance into your home and at this point you may notice some vapour, this is a NOT smoke and you should not panic, it is simply the fragrance being released via the warm wax.

Within 30 minutes, the room where you are melting your wax will smell incredible and full of the scent you have chosen to melt in your wax burner.  A customer favourite is the Snow Pixie Dreams which is a Sweet Bubble-gummy aroma with hints of Vanilla and smells insanely good before a girls night out!

How is a Wax Melt different to a Candle?

When you burn a candle, the wick is in direct contact with the wax and fragrance meaning the scent is mixed with the aroma of the wick burning so you don't get a true reflection of the scent you are burning in your home.  You are also only heating the top layer of the candle at a time meaning all that fragrance is locked underneath the candle top.
With a wax melt you are warming up the whole wax melt evenly within the well on top of the wax burner or wax warmer.  This means that the fragrance is released quicker and more evenly into the air around you without the excessive heat of the wick burning off the fragrance before it reaches your senses.
How many times can I melt the same wax melt?
You can re-melt the same chunk of wax as many times as you want or until the fragrance can no longer be smelt.  You will find that the wax melt with naturally decrease in aroma with burn and this is normal as the scent is burnt off at different levels with each tea light until the last notes are spent.
Our wax melts have been tested to last the longest time possible with the balance of wax to fragrance ratio being tested for each fragrance we make for the perfect scent throw and length.  Some scents will last longer than others due to different fragrance notes used in the scent itself.  For example, a Vanilla aroma wax melt won't last as long as a sweet scented Bubble Gum wax melt due to the strength of the scent, but it will last for multiple burns.
The trade off?
Some customers prefer the ambience of a candle but the strong aroma of a wax melt so our recommendation is tom use a tea light wax burner for the candle effect matched with the strong scent throw of our wax melts.
For anyone who doesn't like candles in the home then a nice electric wax warmer will do the job nicely but please be aware that the scent throw differs from tea light wax burners to electric wax warmers due to the heat being slightly more when using tea light wax burners.
Candles are nice but wax melts are nicer!



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